The Story of Margaret and Grace

I don’t often do this. Actually, I’ve never done this–posted a story like this. But after hearing the plight of Margaret and Grace, I am compelled to share it. This story is graphic and may be hard to read. How I wish it were not true.

They met little six-year-old “Grace” and her mother “Margaret” in the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, which has the only Gender-Based Violence Resource Center in the entire country. Margaret had been gang raped and needed to come to Nairobi for a hysterectomy. While she traveled far from home to receive treatment, her daughter Grace had to be placed in the care of a Children’s Home.


When Margaret returned home, she made the horrible discovery that her precious child had been raped so severely that she was in need of reconstructive surgery. Upon reporting this travesty to authorities, Margaret found herself again the victim of sexual assault from retaliation. She and Grace both had to travel back to Nairobi to seek the treatment they desperately needed.

In this Christmas season I think of those so familiar words about our coming Messiah, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned…” (Isaiah 9:2).

Let’s bring the light of God’s hope, peace and healing to these dear ones. Sadly, their story is but one among countless others. Our support will make a lasting difference in the lives of many Kenyan women, girls, and families.

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