Unexpected Grace

The focus of this retreat is learning to recognize God’s grace in our lives when unexpected events occur. We’ll take spend a lot of time with Peter and Jesus in the boat by the lake (Luke 5:1-11) looking the ways they interacted with each other when an unexpected haul of fish came in.

Session 1 –¬†Pushing Out into the Deep –¬†We’ll talk about how God’s unexpected grace is available to us especially when He invites us to the “deep waters” (Luke 5:4) of life.

Session 2 – Embracing My New Name – We’ll talk about how God’s grace covers the shame-filled parts of our lives and how they can actually wind up being some of the most sacred places in our walk of faith (Luke 5:8)

Session 3 – Following Jesus – Peter left everything to follow Jesus (Luke 5:11). What does this mean for you and me?