I teach on a variety of topics integrating Biblical truths with emotional health. Each year, I feature two retreat topics: one for Spring and one for Fall (see below). Each retreat topic typically includes three sessions, however, I’m happy to customize something special for your group!

Speaking Fees and Travel Arrangements
My fees are minimal with no honorarium required. I simply ask that whenever possible, the host cover all travel and private lodging expenses. That’s it! I will gladly drive to engagements up to 400 miles from Paducah, KY. After this, air travel is usually most time and cost effective. I fly from either Nashville International Airport (BNA) or Paducah, Kentucky (PAH).

Speaking Topics

Though we are fundamentally spiritual beings, our physical, relational, and emotional health can significantly affect our understanding of the world and the God who created it. Jesus tells us to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself…” (Luke 10:27). This is the premise that inspires each topic I present.

Spring/Fall 2017 "Unexpected Grace"

When the going gets tough, the vulnerable, weakest parts of our faith get exposed. But God can use these situations to bring our brokenness to the surface so His healing truths can take root in our hearts. Come learn how you can experience God’s grace in the places you’d least expect. Learn More…

Spring 2018 "Living in the Habit of Hope"

A habit is a learned response–it is something we do or think that seems to come without much effort. What would life be like if we could learn to naturally respond to difficulties, frustrations, or even tragedies with a more positive, hope-filled point of view? Y’all, God has given us the ability to do this. He really has.  Let’s take a look at three key truths that help cultivate an ongoing habit of hope. Learn More…

Past Events

Pastoral Leadership Teaching Series

Eight-week leadership series on the psychological side of sanctification Learn More...

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