Pastoral Leadership Teaching Series


This teaching series is adapted from Henry Cloud’s book, “Changes that Heal”.

Session 1: Introduction and Discussion of Values

Focus–The psychological side of sanctification and the value of integrating emotional growth and spiritual growth. What are the necessary ingredients for both?

Session 2: Connection and Relationships

Focus—How Jesus modeled our need for connection

Session 3: What We Feel on the Inside and How We Express it on the Outside

Focus—Transparency with credibility.

Session 4: Differentiation and Boundaries

Focus—Who I am outside of my ministry identity

How we give and receive the word “no”

Session 5: Integration: Dealing with Negative Realities

Focus—the ideal vs. the ordeal and how we live in the tension between them.

Fill out loss Inventory for next week’s discussion

Session 6: Loss Inventory Discussion

Focus—Identifying my losses (great and small)

What being with each other in those losses looks like.

Session 7: Adulthood/Authority

Focus—What it means to be “one-up” or “one-down” in my relationships with others.

Session 8: Moving Forward

Focus—What the time meant to the team individually and collectively