Sisterhood of the Traveling Plate

  We’ve been friends almost 15 years now. It all started on an Army post in Germany back in the mid 1990’s. One by one, we arrived with suitcases and household goods. We were young Army wives far from home and anything familiar. In the absence of family, we became family to each other. We shared […]

Fatal Crash on The Road to Perfection

  I am 42. I am a college student. Most women my age are busy with kids in middle school or have a couple decades of career experience behind them. I’m playing catch up and some days I think I got sumthin’ to prove. This often displays itself as a manic desire to get straight […]

In the In-between

Its February in middle Tennessee.  Spring is knocking on the door, but Winter has her arms crossed and often refuses to answer. As I was out for a walk this morning, the stand off between the two was evident. Patches of green among the sticks… An empty momma bird’s nest quietly waiting for a new […]

Its Opening Day!

  I finally did it. I used up my entire quota of Facebook status posts. Welcome to my little spot on the internet. I real live blog to call my very own. I hope you will be comfortable here. To those who know me personally, you have given me so many reasons to write and speak. You inspire me…and […]