No More of This

There are so many caught in the midst of political debates having no idea they are fighting against truth instead of for it. A drawn sword will never convince them. But maybe, just maybe they could be won by love.

The Case of the Sleepy Bus Driver

When you can’t trust the guy driving the bus, you are in for a tiring and anxious ride.

God and the Long Way

An inch gained on earth creates a mile of rejoicing in heaven.

Pictures of Wisdom, Beauty (and Humor) from the Tennessee Hills

The hilly back roads around our house are always full of surprising inspirations. A trip into town often provides a variety of thoughtful messages. Here’s just a few of my favorite pictures…and the scriptures that came to mind when I took them! Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. (1 Peter […]

Dirty Feet and Maundy Thursday

Today we celebrate Maundy Thursday. We know how this thing is gonna go, we’ve read the end of the story. But in this moment, in the still before the storm, we like Peter, can quietly offer our feet to Jesus.

What if We All Wore Signs?

I have yet to meet a soul who has not spent some time travelling along the broken road. Tired, weary, frustrated or confused, these dear ones will often lash out at innocent by-standers.

Happy 5th Anniversary…Bat Man

He looked at me from across the table and gave a quick grin.

“I’d do it again”, he said.

I smiled back. “Yep, I would too”.

Be Still and Believe

It occurs to me that we often have to “be still” is to believe. And a heart that believes in the very best reflection we offer.

A Tree God Planted

We are not silent, helpless spectators. God intended that we be active participants in the world around us; He created us to make a difference.

For the Not-So-Happy Valentine’s Day

Several years ago, I remembering sitting in the grocery store parking lot trying to muster the courage to walk inside. It was Valentine’s Day and I needed a gallon of milk. However, I knew what would be waiting for me in there–barrages of balloons, flowers and boxes of candy. When you are single and really don’t want […]

In the Most Unlikely Place

Sometimes circumstances seem to do their best to discourage us from displaying the glory of the One whose image we bear. After all, we don’t always get to choose where we’re planted.

Christmas Comes…Anyway

There are those who will be much relieved when this day is finally over. For the grieving, the hurting, and the lonely, Christmas has a way of magnifying the pain.