He is Thinking of You

Have you ever known someone who puts tremendous effort into making her home a place of warmth and beauty? They take such delight in watching the stress of the day fall off faces of friends and loved ones as they come through the door.

Everyday Theology: The Person of the Holy Spirit

When we better understand the Person of the Holy Spirit, we can to relate to him more intimately. We realize we are never alone—even when no other human being is around.

Everyday Theology: The Holy Spirit is God

I made my way across the lawn, maneuvering around fallen branches and whirling leaves. There was no denying I was in the midst of something strong and powerful—the evidence was all around me.

Considering Evil from a New Point of View

Evil is not substantive; it is not a person. Just as cold is measured by the lack of heat, evil is a collective term used to measure every thought or action that chooses to empty itself of the righteousness of God.

Fog Lifter

Loneliness settles in like a cold mist and what lies down the road is anybody’s guess when we are driving blind. Wondering in a fog of mental guilt and shame can be just as hard to navigate.

The Story of Margaret and Grace

After hearing the plight of Margaret and Grace, I am compelled to share it. This story is graphic and may be hard to read. How I wish it were not true.

Timeless Praise

Holding hands across the centuries we are…King David, Isaac and Charlotte. Together we offer timeless praise to the Timeless One. Together we sing the mighty power of God.

Online Dating Tips

The point is, because we were willing to respect the safety and privacy of the other, we were able to build a solid foundation of trust over a long period of time. Discretion and responsibility make a person even more attractive.

The Sister Retreat

“Some people have sisters, some people have friends. Some people are lucky enough to have both”. Last weekend, I discovered that I am one of the lucky ones.

Let There be Light

The Genesis account of creation says God’s first creative act was to bring light to the world. Makes sense. The first step in bringing order to chaos is being able to see what you are doing.

The Devil’s in the Doubting

Doubt is Satan’s poison of choice. He knows he’s no match for the word of God; so he gets busy planting seeds of doubt.

Not the Way its Supposed to be

We weren’t designed to process death. The separation we experience when a loved one dies is not the way its supposed to be. We were created for eternal life—not death.