Living in the habit of hope brings light to the dark places of life.

Let Grief Be

Giving myself space to grieve can feel like every raw nerve gets exposed. But lots of hard things end in good places, and grief is one of these things.

Words for Hard Places

Death is not a delicate process and it takes some Holy Spirit help to stay centered in the midst of it all.

Surviving Dates that Live in Infamy

God created the kind of world where days, weeks and years can be tracked. This gives us the ability to pause and remember significant turning points in our lives.

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About Charlotte

I wasn’t born with a habit of hope. I guess I kinda got into it the hard way. After a series of tragic events in my life, I actually had quite a habit of anxiety and grief. Then somewhere along the way—its really impossible to trace—I began wondering what life could be like if I stopped constantly circling the awful things and started creating more space for all the good and beautiful things. By God's grace, I discovered there is so much more here than I ever dreamed. Hard times will always be part of our stories, but they don't have to be *the* headlining story. You and I can learn to live each day in the habit of hope.

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