Living in the habit of hope brings light to the dark places of life.

Sometimes You Have to Get Moving to be Still

I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the last six weeks. Very happy changes, but changes all the same.

A Deeper Meaning of Shalom

Shalom. People typically associate this word with “peace”. But that’s not the whole story…

Freedom’s Eve

What would it be like knowing that a lifetime of suffering, forced labor, and deprivation would be coming to an end that very night?

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About Charlotte

I wasn’t born with a habit of hope. I guess I kinda got into it the hard way. After a series of tragic events in my life, I actually had quite a habit of anxiety and grief. Then somewhere along the way—its really impossible to trace—I began wondering what life could be like if I stopped circling every awful thing and started creating more space for every good and beautiful thing. Interestingly, I discovered we pretty much find what we’re looking for every time.

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